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LimeBike: The Greener Way To Ride


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If you’re only just hearing about LimeBike, you’re most likely not alone. Unless you live in a major city or on a college campus, you probably haven’t seen the company’s lime colored bicycles and scooters in your area; and if you have, you’re probably not exactly sure how the service works.   

Okay, I’m lost. What exactly is LimeBike? 

LimeBike is a self-described “tech mobility company” that is somewhat revolutionary compared to other more traditional ridesharing programs. Its trademark lime-colored bicycles and electric scooters are meant to make transportation easily accessible and less strenuous on the planet. The bikes and scooters are stationed in cities, on college campuses, and at businesses. 

The company was launched in June 2017 making it just a year old. It is a small company but it is making a huge impact on the way people get around. Within a year of being up and running, LimeBike has already claimed the Smart Cities Council Innovation Alley Award, Recode 100 Award, and special recognition from the city of Dallas, Texas. The company even placed #62 on the 2017 edition of The Recode 100, above longstanding ridesharing company Uber (#65). 

Where is LimeBike available?

 The service is available in several cities around the U.S. and Europe. LimeBike bicycles and scooters can be found in small cities like South Bend, Indiana and larger metropolitan cities such as Seattle, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C. In South Florida, there are bikes stationed in Key Biscayne, Kendall, North Miami, and North Bay Village, as well as college campuses including Johnson & Wales University North Miami and St. Thomas University.

How do I use LimeBike? 

To use LimeBike all you have to do is simply download the LimeBike app, which is available for both Apple and Android. Then just use your phone to locate a bike near you and unlock it using the app to start riding. It’s just that simple and it can turn a trip to work or school into a fun sightseeing experience all while encouraging the healthy habits of exercise and fuel conservation. 

How much is it to use the service?

LimeBike is a rather economic option for students or anyone who would like to get around town without coming out of pocket for taxi fares. LimeBike charges $1 per half-hour of usage, so how much you spend all depends on how much you ride. And there are no docks for these unique bicycles. Just pedal your way to your destination and leave the bike wherever you happen to be when you’re done with it for the next LimeBike rider.

In addition to helping users save money, LimeBike can even help you make money by charging its electric scooters when the batteries are all but empty. ‘Juicers’, as they are called, simply go around town collecting scooters that are running low on charge, charge them up using the company issued Lime-S power supplies with any electric outlet in their home, and return them to designated spots across the city. It’s a great way to earn some cash and work towards creating a greener planet all in one motion. 

All of this sounds great, but there’s no LimeBike service in my city…

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a bright green bike or scooter but have found that LimeBike is not available in your area just visit the LimeBike website and select Request Lime to join a list of other LimeBike supporters in your area. For more information about the service, visit

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