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Prime Wardrobe: Try it before you buy it

With the acquisition of Whole Foods Market, Amazon has drawn accusations of their ever-growing expansion likening them to a monopoly. These claims are far from an exaggeration, with numerous businesses currently competing with the online retailer in various fields.

Despite these criticisms, the company is now hoping to dominate another niche market within online shopping: clothing and styling services. In the vein of many popular subscription services such as Stitch Fix and Le Tote, Amazon is now offering its Prime members the newly launched: Prime Wardrobe.

 Prime Wardrobe flaunts a “try before you buy” model, allowing users to select which clothing items they are interested in, try them all on at home, and return whichever items they weren’t satisfied with, within seven days. They are then charged only for the items they decided to keep.

Yes, it’s true you can already buy nearly anything on Amazon. But what makes this new service special is its customizable and user-friendly approach to shop for the finest of clothing, accessories, and shoes in a variety of styles, from the comfort of your home.

Users can choose from five departments: women, men, girl, boy, and baby. All including various themes and styles: from beachy and casual to tailored and professional. You must choose at least three items and can have up to eight within each order.

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 This is great news for existing Prime members, which currently amount to more than 100 million. The subscription costs $119 a year for regular members and $59 for students.

The service will surely appeal to those with busy schedules who perhaps do not have the time to scour through giant malls in search of that perfect dress and then run to another one for some shoes to match. Its endless options for customization and a wide assortment of popular brands of clothing are both huge pros to using Prime Wardrobe, turning it into a virtual mega shopping mall.

However, having to take a trip to the post office to return the items you were not as fond of slightly defeats the purpose of avoiding a trip to a store. Still, Amazon promises that the return process is designed to be quick, offering free shipping and returns with premade labels fit for the same box the items arrived in.

Amazon’s efforts to expand itself and the multitude of services it grants its nation-scale of Prime members have cemented it as the threatening shopping conglomerate it is today. Prime Wardrobe proves the company is more versatile and ambitious than ever with no intention of slowing down any time soon.

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