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Helping South Florida’s Homeless

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There’s nothing like the smell of holiday pie as families gather around the table on Thanksgiving Day, communing over a feast of food and drinks. The Thanksgiving holiday brings people together over warm home-cooked meals, eliciting a sense of comfort. However, with the increased rate of homeless individuals in South Florida, there is a huge population of people who may feel as though they are missing out on this heartwarming experience. This holiday season, several local organizations are hosting Thanksgiving dinner events around the area to provide our homeless neighbors with warm meals and loving care.

  • We Believe Ministries is a non-profit organization that runs a mobile food pantry. They have delivered hundreds of meals to homeless individuals from Miami-Dade County all the way up to Palm Beach County and are only growing from there! On Thanksgiving Day, the organization will be hosting a dinner for the homeless in one of the tri-counties.
  • Lot 365, Inc, a West Palm Beach sharing community that feeds the hungry, distributes clothes, furniture, and more, is also organizing a meal sharing event. On Thanksgiving Day, Lot 365 will host a dinner for which they will need volunteers, warm meals, blankets, clothes, tables, and other items and services. Check out their Facebook Event in order to see a list of suggested items and foods. To provide any services or items, sign up on the Lot 365 volunteer sign-up form.You will then receive notice from organization administrators with approval and further instructions! You may also contact with any questions.

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  • Hands on Broward, a local organization that encourages and provides easy access to volunteering, needs volunteers from event preparation staff to kitchen assistance for their 2018 Community Thanksgiving Meal event at Lauderdale by the Sea. Visit their volunteer opportunities page for a list of their needed services.
  • Branches, a grassroots non-profit organization in Miami-Dade County, is hosting their own Thanksgiving Meal Delivery program this holiday as well. Volunteers will be packaging and delivering meals to those in need. Volunteer positions for this event are full, so the organization is instead taking donations of any amount to support the event.
  • Miami Rescue Missions and Broward Outreach Centers, local organizations whose purpose is to “serve the homeless and needy,” will be working together to host a meal delivery program called the Great Thanksgiving Banquet. Believing that “hope often begins with a meal,” they will be feeding homeless individuals on Thanksgiving, accepting only donations starting at $2.10 per meal.

Consider volunteering or giving back this season in any way that works for you! Don’t be afraid to take the spirit of Thanksgiving with you throughout the year by continuing to follow up with these local organizations’ efforts! Happy Thanksgiving!

by Monica Larrea

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