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Apple to Create Original Content for Streaming

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Production of original content for internet streaming services has grown massively over the past few years thanks to companies like Netflix and Amazon wanting to have control over their own properties. Not having to worry about paying for a contract to be able to stream TV shows or movies is surely saving them money, and if their original shows are good, they could be exclusive selling points. Now, Apple wants in on the success, taking interest in creating their own original content and streaming service. However, the company is keeping the details of this project close to the chest, so many aspects are rumors at this time.

Apple’s plan to take a stake in this rapidly growing industry is to first acquire distribution rights. Apple is one of the richest companies in the world, currently competing with Microsoft and Amazon for the number one spot as most valuable company, so they’ve definitely got money to spend towards filling their content catalogue. Back in 2017, according to Variety, Apple set aside $1 billion towards the creation and development of original movies and TV shows, the acquisition of up to 10 other TV shows, and the hiring of top executives in the television industry, like former presidents at Sony Pictures Television (the creators of “Breaking Bad”). $1 billion isn’t as much as Netflix ($7 billion), Amazon ($4.5 billion) or HBO ($2 billion) have spent, but for a service that isn’t even out yet, it’s clear that Apple is trying to have an incredible start to the service they’re trying to make.

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At the moment, it is uncertain when Apple’s service will eventually launch, with CEO Tim Cook “not really ready to share all the details” about what their streaming service “will eventually offer.” As for price, it’s not clear how much it’ll be just yet. With the service not officially announced, there hasn’t been a definitive price, but it’s likely that it could be less expensive than the competition due to more of a focus on providing original content to Apple users.

While it might be expected for Apple’s service to only be available on their own hardware, even that isn’t confirmed. Apple has a “TV” app for their devices, but we still don’t know if this will be how they will provide content. As of right now, there are only two shows that are original content by Apple, which have been released through their Apple Music service that is available on both Android and iOS devices.

It will be very interesting to see how this plays out, as we now live in the modern age of being able to choose between a large selection of internet TV streaming services, whether it’s redistribution or original content. This move away from traditional cable TV has allowed more content producers, than ever before, to create their own content for a huge online audience. With Apple now dipping its toes in the water, content streaming will only continue to become more popular, eventually becoming even larger than old-fashioned cable ever was.


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