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Give an Animal for the Holidays

Image courtesy of Heifer International

Make “moo”ves this holiday season by giving an animal for charity with Heifer International. This global organization based in Arkansas helps inspire hope and empower lives through a unique charitable program. They have been around for more than 70 years, and are based on the philosophy of teaching people to farm and take care of domestic animals. Instead of giving a glass of milk, donors can give an entire cow to help poverty-stricken families become self-sufficient through cultivation. In addition to gifting animals, Heifer International also provides supplies and training to help aid in sustainable living around the world.

Browsing the gift catalog, users can choose from many options, including a goat, heifer, llama, water buffalo, pig, or flock of fowl. There are also gift baskets and crafts available with proceeds going to support charitable causes. This one of a kind gift will bring joy to benefited families for years to come, as they learn farming skills and valuable knowledge that helps support them and others in their community. If you don’t want to buy a whole animal, or just a share of one, donations can also be made in cash.

Image courtesy of Heifer International

The organization has more than 75 projects that support people in countries across the globe, including the US, Europe, Africa, Asia, Indonesia, and South America. One of these projects is focused on empowering women farmers in Nepal by teaching them leadership skills. Their dairy project in Africa is in its second stage of development, helping provide nutrition to communities in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Closer to home, they have started agricultural development projects to teach farmers sustainability in Haiti, as well as poverty alleviation efforts in the USA. Being a network of more than 400,000 businesses and individuals, they are committed to improving the world one community at a time.

For decades, Heifer International has contributed to the sustainability and well being of families locally and globally, building solid foundations for businesses and agriculture to grow hand in hand to help those communities in need. They are constantly looking towards cultivating a future without hunger or poverty by providing access to resources and education. Their gifts are appropriate any time of the year: to celebrate the holidays, an anniversary, a birthday, or simply to give back. One gift can give back more than 9 times its worth, as the families who receive the donation teach and give to the people in the community around them. As a transparent and award-winning organization, a gift from them will definitely hold value during the most generous time of year.


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