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Tech to Watch Out For in 2019

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Technology in 2018 had a bigger year than most expected, improving upon a lot of great tech that we already enjoy. This year brought us the introduction of 5G, the rise of notches in smartphones, and improved processors and GPUs. We also saw advancements in video game graphics and more gaming clients on computers, making 2018 a progressive year for many manufacturers and the gaming industry alike. However, 2019 is shaping up to be even bigger.

Samsung usually releases a new Galaxy S phone near the beginning of every year, and while last year’s S9 was somewhat underwhelming, the S10 seems to be using a radical new screen that introduces the “Infinity O” display. This display features a circular punchout in the phone screen where the camera will be, which, in combination with the extremely slim bezels, makes this screen a revolutionary size. The phone’s processor will also make it one of the most powerful smartphones ever created, capable of having a 5G modem that is much faster than current implementations of 4G. The S10’s RAM has the potential to be similar to what’s found in modern laptops as well, with performance capable of driving 4K displays with ease.

2019 could also be the year where we see our first look at the next generation of video game consoles. Sony and Microsoft have consistently hinted at new consoles to replace their current ones, as this year would be the sixth year that the Xbox One and PS4 will have been in production. While they’ve had new releases providing more power than their existing consoles, like the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, they only serve to update the existing hardware and don’t act as entirely new consoles. To have a new generation means a new platform to put even greater games on, with the potential bonus of less loading times and improved multitasking, all at a respectable price. Transitioning from a standard Hard Drive (HDD) to a Solid State Drive (SSD) alone would be a massive boost in the overall performance of these home consoles.

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This year is also bringing in some great news for computer processing. CPUs (Computerized Processing Units) are what allow your computer to actually perform tasks, with better ones helping your computer run faster and function better. A major factor in a CPU’s performance is their processing die size, which helps them to be energy efficient, small, and powerful with optimization, and it looks like it could be a big year to push that further with even smaller sizes. 12 nanometers was the popular size of CPUs last year, but it’s also been consistently used in Intel and AMD processors for the past few years, with Intel being more efficient in producing them. However, AMD has announced that their processors would be reaching 7 nanometers, which will provide an even greater boost in performance and efficiency in energy usage. Intel is usually ahead when it comes to processors, so 2019 may be the year where benchmarks and value have AMD and Intel go head-to-head for the first time in years.

This year could be the start of many different evolutions and revolutions in the technology industry, and these innovations are only scratching the surface of the progress we can expect to see. The Oculus Quest, a standalone Virtual Reality headset, could push the mainstream towards accepting VR as a media stable and not just on-the-go novelty. Technology in rocket science is improving, and the Starship test vehicle produced by SpaceX is predicted to be completed this year with the hopes of reaching Mars. Rather than being a year of less-than-notable progression in technology, this could really be the year of a new era, where we see innovative tech start to transform our lives beyond just making things “better.”


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