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DIY Ideas For Valentines’s Day


With the infamous day of love one day away, lovers from around the world ponder over how they will shoot their Cupid’s arrow to their beloved, and how to celebrate such a special day. We all want the best for the one closest to our hearts, but sometimes we all need a few ideas just to inspire us to curate the best gift. These gift ideas are low-cost, but will still show your loved one how much you care about them. To those who have their eye on someone who’s not quite yours to call your own yet, you can still impress them with the following gifts. They’ll be sure to fall for you after seeing how much you mean to them!

Make a playlist, mixtape, or CD

If you and that special someone share the same love for music, this is the perfect gift. Compile a list of songs that are meaningful to both of  you, create a story with the progression of the songs, and show just how much you love them with the power of music. Although making a playlist would be the simplest method to do this, you can also do the old-fashioned alternative and burn the songs on a CD or record them onto a cassette. You can even decorate the casing and the item to add a personal touch, making this gift even more touching and well thought-out.


“Reasons I Love You” jar

When it comes to the person you truly love, it isn’t hard to think about all the things you appreciate, admire, and adore. Get pretty little notecards, write down exactly what comes to mind, when thinking about them, and put them in a mason jar. You can use any notecards you’d like and any jar you’d like, and you can customize it to your liking. Another idea is to find lyrics to a song or lines from shows or movies you both like that can be used as inside jokes to your jar and remind your loved one of all the special moments you have shared.


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Channel your inner artist

If you have a hobby, now is the time to exhibit your talents. Musicians, painters, and poets alike can all easily create a meaningful gift through their work of art. As a writer, channel your inner Shakespeare and write a romantic sonnet. As a musician, you can be as “cliché” and sweet as you want and write a sappy song (an extra plus if you can get your partner on a balcony so you can serenade them from below). As a visual artist, you can draw or paint a piece that will last forever, unlike chocolates or roses.


Even if your hobby isn’t as mainstream as music or art,  knitting, baking, or stamp collecting, you can still create something beautiful for the most wonderful person in your life. As long as it comes from the heart and expresses what you hold inside for that person, you will succeed in giving your Valentine’s gift!


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