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Coachella 2019 Review

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Coachella 2019 rolled out the red carpet for its 20th anniversary and earned its way into the record books as some of the world-renowned performers turned the party up to celebrate two decades of music galore. Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, the 1975, Childish Gambino, Khalid, and BLACKPINK were among the most expected acts. Although there were many highlights to remember, Justin Bieber’s lip-sync controversy,  Eilish’s incident with her own lyrics, and Kanye West’s church service, took the internet by storm and became the main talk of the festival.

Coachella consists of two three-day weekends of endless music, art, and Instagram worthy selfies! It’s based on a field in Indio, California (the epitome of a desert) where attendees come from all over the world to camp out at one of the biggest music festivals ever. Besides all the hype over music and art, attendees create their own form of art putting together avant-garde outfits. Fashion has become something to worry about when it comes to Coachella; styles of all kinds pop out from everywhere with funky and chic combinations, and some leaving little to the imagination due to what a challenge it is to stay cool under the hot desert sun. From flower crowns galore to the reflective trendy mirror sunglasses to even clothing made out of Playtex, the styles were endless and inspiring as always. Even performing artists this year dabbled into their fashion styles to not only show off at their performance but to really make a statement about whom they were wearing. Camila Mendes, Vanessa Hudgens, James Charles, and other celebrities were rocking threads from unique and eccentric designers.


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Just like every year your ears get indulged by amazing music and the eye-candy art really adds to the whole experience. Visual artist from around the world had a chance to showcase their art;  Francis Kere, Dedo Vabo, Peggy Noland, were the most notorious. These are the people that create the whimsical structures and interactive pieces that consume all of your social media feeds during this time of year. Even the Balloon Chains that you see flying high in the sky as you enter the festival grounds are specifically made by a guy known as “the balloon guy,” Robert Bose. All the details that go into each aspect of this festival are what makes it so breathtaking year after year.

So who knows what will come about next year. After following the festival religiously from behind a screen for a few years, I can say that it is definitely growing and showing its growth every year and how magical an experience like Coachella can be.


By Zack Archer 

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