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Ariana Grande: Did she come out?

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One of the biggest pop-sensations, in the world, has made some recent news involving her new albums which kind of lets her listeners discover layers to her personally and her intimate life.  Ariana Grande is baring her soul and fans can’t wait to see her live to really get her new vibe. Grande’s Sweetener World Tour kicked off in March in the US and is predicted to be her biggest tour yet, as tickets sell like hot cakes. This tour is in support of her albums, Sweetener (2018) and Thank  U, Next (2019.) However, that’s not the only reason why we are here. These two albums and the recent duet she did with Victoria Monet, “Monopoly,” are uncovering her personal life, and she’s okay with that. Her life had been under a microscope after she called off her engagement to SNL’s star Pete Davison, following the death of one of her ex-boyfriends, Mac Miller.

In the album Sweetener, Grande takes us into a recent time in her life where she was trying to recover from her past relationship, enjoying her current relationship, and battling mental health. Moving forward, she followed up with a new album, Thank U, Next, just a few months after. This album explains her life after all of the issues that arose during the Sweetener era and what she has “to say” about all of the conflicts that are weighing her down. For example, in the album Thank U, Next the song, “In my head,” is about her loving a version of a person that isn’t actually there, just in her head and in “Thank U, Next,” she  elaborates on the fact that she has had all of these love affairs, but she is finally falling in love with herself.

All of these songs unify to explain how and what she’s doing to cope with the issues that were rising during the making of her Sweetener album and it definitely was a prominent announcement.

The song “Monopoly” hints at a more personal trait about Grande herself. One of the lyrics that she sings goes: “I like women and men,” which is a big indication that the singer may be questioning her sexuality. It’s known to be a big deal in the music industry for an artist to have a coming-out song because it begins to change our perceptions on past songs and relationships that the artist has had. It’s referred to as “queerbaiting,” which is when an artist hints towards their LGBTQ fans that they are questioning their own sexuality. In her music video for “Breakup with your girlfriend, I’m bored,” the singer is seen flirting and dancing with the girl rather than the guy, and at the end, both she and the girl go in for a kiss -which we don’t get to see.

We can clearly see that she is trying to convey a message and one album wasn’t enough to get her point across, so that would explain the sudden release of Thank U, Next. Perhaps there is someone else that is the same gender that is consuming her love life and gives her something to sing about. But whatever it may be there is one thing we can’t deny, the ear candy she’s giving us is life and we are here for it, so Ariana please keep them coming!

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