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The Tea on James Charles

James Charles made his mark by becoming the first gay male Covergirl back in 2016. After the milestone, his career as a beauty influencer took off and he is now a global superstar. Being at the top of his game, within the beauty industry, some tea got spilled about Mr. Charles.

Some allegations were made about him by Tati Westbrook, another well-known beauty influencer, who made a video explaining why she was cutting ties with the 19-year-old. Westbrook’s 43-minute video alleged she was manipulated by Charles, that he pressured straight men into questioning their sexuality, and how he has practically “schemed” his way to the top of the beauty industry. She also alleged she was the one who took him under her wing and guided him at the beginning of his YouTube career, implying that he owes his success to her and her husband.

Everything started at Coachella when the young beauty guru signed a contract for a post with a vitamin brand called Sugar Bear Hair, a hair supplement company, to gain extra artist passes and more security. Keep in mind Westbrook owns a supplement line called Halo Beauty, the leading competitor of Sugar Bear Hair. She took the post as a betrayal because according to her, he had never promoted her brand before or showed her support on social media. Charles apologized to her for his sudden endorsement and stated: “I hope you understand.” She immediately posted a video called: “BYE SISTER…”

Soon after her video was viewed by millions of people, Charles made an eight-minute video called “tati,” in which he states his apology to her and to the people he had hurt.


The beauty community was quick to post their “opinion” videos feeling entitled to speak on the matter and taking sides to keep the water boiling. Veteran beauty influencer Jeffree Star took a stand and began stating his claims against Charles using Twitter to expose his side of the story – which it mainly pertained to the fact that Charles sexually harassed straight men into questioning their sexuality. After Star’s allegations, several boys that had interactions with him have posted videos sharing their experience and how uncomfortable he made them feel.

Charles claims some of the things being said are not true and provided proof in his new video defending himself. He showed screenshots of text messages that clearly confirm that some of the boys that claimed to have been “uncomfortable” were just exaggerating their stories. One boy’s situation took an illegal turn when he recorded a Facetime conversation without the YouTuber’s consent.

Since the news broke many media outlets have contacted both parties to get their side of the story. Apparently, people care more about a broken friendship over some supplements than the greater issues happening around the world. Should this even make it to the six o’clock news? But unfortunately, social media and the wave of so-called “influencers” in this day and age have risen another level of bullying and mockery that can be detrimental to an individual’s mental health and that should, definitely, be addressed.

Charles has expressed how this incident took him to such dark place that he even contemplated suicide. This leads us to blame, yet again, social media for the increase of suicides happening  worldwide, but the question will remain: who is really to blame?  



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