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World Oceans Day 2019


Nothing yells beach more than summer, right? Therefore, we must keep them clean. World Oceans Day is a great way to teach our communities about the importance of a litter-free ocean. Throughout the month of June, environment enthusiasts unite to create awareness and take action to keep our oceans clean. However, events and celebrations happen on June 8th as the day was officially recognized as WOD by the UN. But, why is this day so significant and what can we learn from this celebration? 

World Oceans Day, was proposed by the Canadian government back in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, but it was promoted by “The Ocean Project” (which was recognized in a few scattered countries) until 2002. From then on, the movement has expanded into this great celebration that involves events and other activities to protect our oceans in over 120 different countries. The World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council is made up of young people who have an interest and passion for the ocean. Each member has a specific role in helping promote not only the big day but also consistent awareness across the globe year-round and worldwide. If you are interested in becoming a member of the council, applications went live at the beginning of the month, so keep your eyes peeled on their website. This is a great way to make your mark and be part of something really rewarding!

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With so many different organizations around the world participating, you are bound to find an event near you! Just visit the official World Oceans Day website to find and even create your own event. There are already numerous events that are scheduled for this year, including beach and river cleanups, festivals, other gatherings with plenty of activities, and even art galleries and competitions to depict what this very special day means to you!

So, what can we do? You can show your appreciation for the oceans by attending an event near you. If there isn’t one happening, then grab some friends and do some cleaning at your nearest beach. If you don’t live in a city where there is an ocean, then do some cleaning around your community or local park, remember that most of the trash that isn’t disposed of properly ends up in our oceans one way or another, so that will definitely  be a good way to show the ocean and its residents that we care. Make a difference and help fight sea pollution while having fun celebrating World Oceans Day!




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