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How To Survive Summer School

If you’re like me, you’re currently cramming as much as you can into the summer. That includes having fun but also being as productive as possible. Summer school is usually something that is chosen to be done by a student who is determined to get ahead in school. Other times, it’s required for consistent success in academics. Whatever your situation may be, there is a way to succeed in summer school and still enjoy your summer at the same time.

So, I would like to share some tips with you.

Remember to practice time management, especially during the summer season if you’re taking classes. Make a schedule by setting times for when you have a class or when you need to study for those classes. The number of hours per day you focus on summer school depends on how many classes you are taking. If you are a full-time student during the summer, an average study week can consist of 17 to 32 hours. Spreading your study times evenly throughout the week is the smartest thing to do when tackling summer school.

Always take advantage of the flexibility that you have when taking these classes. Sometimes summer classes are offered online and are considered expedited due to the smaller time frame within the semester. Remember to take advantage of this. You will most likely be able to consistently schedule yourself to do school work while also balancing your social life. Also, these classes will be formed differently than traditional classes in the Fall and Spring semesters because it is a shorter time frame. From my experience, summer classes are either a lot harder or a lot easier due to the shorter semester. I have been lucky with easier classes in the summer, which helps my GPA go up tremendously and it can do the same for yours, too!

Summer school comes with its pros and cons, just like many things in life. It’s great to get ahead in your schoolwork, and it allows you to pace yourself for the upcoming semesters. It takes responsibility and above-average self-discipline to succeed in summer school. Going to school year-round can be hard, and summer school is always harder to deal with, but if you plan smartly you can always find a moment to recharge for the Fall semester. And Even though I’m currently enrolled in 14 credits (5 classes total), I’m still capable of acing each one of my classes while still having an enjoyable summer!

It isn’t always about working harder, in fact, working smarter will lead you to do better in school and have a better experience – whether you chose to attend summer school or not. Take advantage of the tips and take a couple of days to rest and get ready for the new school year that’s about to begin.


By Zack Archer 

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