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BOO: Halloween Costume Ideas 2019


The spookiest season of the year is in full swing, and it is time to brainstorm ideas for your Halloween costumes. If you are like me, you struggle with what to dress up as and even wait until the last minute to put something together. However, taking inspiration from movies is always a good idea because there are so many characters out there that you can make into a costume. You can pull inspiration from everything in your everyday life and interests.  

The most popular costume ideas this year offer you a wide range of possibilities. You can be a princess, superhero, villain, corpse, etc. If you are not into the scary costumes, Marvel comics offer so many characters you can pick from. The Avengers movies were huge box office hits this year, so expect to see lots of superheroes around. From Spiderman to Iron Man to Wonder Woman and Black Widow, you can never go wrong with these characters.

Now, if you are into scary characters and want to depict what Halloween is all about, the second installment of IT came out this year so you can get some inspo from there. I am sure there will be a surge in scary clown costumes this year but if you can make your custom unique by giving your make up a twist. If you want to be a little more traditional, you can go back to the roots of the holiday and be a pumpkin, mummy, vampire, or ghost.

 You can go to your local Halloween store to get a pre-packaged costume which usually is expensive if you get it ahead of time. has selected costumes that are up to 90% off. It is usually hard to find a costume for less than 20 dollars, but shopping online is super convenient, so you have to decide which is more important: money or quality.

Amazon also has an array of Halloween costumes you can pick from and has added convenience because it can be delivered straight to your door in two days (for Prime members.) Today there are some great pre-packaged costumes that you can buy and enhance with how you do your makeup and hair, giving you room to be creative and spend less.  

I am always down to DIY my own costume, it’s a great way to make a costume your own. Going to your local Goodwill and searching for items is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Something good about Goodwill is that they have a color sale each day that helps you save more money. Some DIY costume ideas include, but aren’t limited to, a scarecrow, gumball machine, mummy, ice cream sundae, a cactus, a deer and hunter, or Minnie mouse. Pinterest, Google, and YouTube are great resources for ideas and ways to make costumes.  

In conclusion, the options for a Halloween costume are endless and it is a great time for you to showcase your personality and show how creative you can be. Don’t be afraid to explore the wildest possibilities, whether you want a scary monster, a sexy nurse, or want a simple costume, just stay true to what you like and want. Have fun and stay safe this Halloween everyone!



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