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Friendsgiving: A Thanksgiving Celebration Away from Home


Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather around the table for a great meal while catching up and spending quality time together. However, the traditional dinner is not as enjoyable for everyone, especially when it comes to the type of family you have, you either love it or hate it. For that reason, more and more people are considering the so-called “Friendsgiving” dinner. This celebration has given people a new perspective on the holiday and a new tradition to look forward to.

Friendsgiving involves everything you do on Thanksgiving, except the people seating at the table are all dear friends, which allows you to skip the part where your great aunt asks: when are you getting married? or your dad brings up the dreading question: what are your plans for the future? just like every other year. This celebration is more relaxed and less protocol like. Whether you want to avoid the traditional family gathering or away for college, perhaps you are working in another state, or simply want to host a friends-giving soirée, make sure to plan ahead. 

 If you are planning on attending FG this year, make sure you get involved and keep up with updates and changes that can come up. Also, try to figure out what is it that you have to bring and make sure you have it ready on time. You might be required to help with decorating if so, make sure you make yourself available to complete that task.


For people who have never held a friends-giving before these tips and tricks would be helpful:


  • As a general rule starting a guest list has to be the first thing you have to do when planning a get-together.


  • Make a group chat so that everyone is up to date with any changes or assignments. Being on the same page is super important to avoid misunderstandings.


  • Just like any celebration, the key to success is to have a solid plan for the event. You want to start planning out your friends-giving 10 days before to the date.


  • Ask guests what they want to bring to the party and start assigning tasks.


  • Don’t put all of the cooking responsibility on one person. It is more fun to make the event potluck style and have everyone bring one thing. If you have friends that can burn water in the kitchen allow for store bought desserts or sides for your celebration.


  • Don’t spend a lot of money on decorations, it is not necessary.



  • Do not invite more people than your space can hold. You want everyone to be comfortable and have a place to sit, talk, and relax.


  • Do have lots of fun and take the time to make this a great event.


Cherish the time with your friends and thank them for their friendship. Remember to have a friend is like having an endless pot of gold.


Happy Friendsgiving!!!!





By Victoria Vitale 

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