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Giving Back This Thanksgiving

The Sunshine State is one of the three states with the most homeless people in the U.S. In fact, there are an estimated over 30,000 people without homes in the state of Florida. With the holidays coming up, there is a time for giving and giving back should be included on your list of gifts, especially to the ones that can’t enjoy the holiday cheer as much as the fortunate ones can. There are many ways to give back this holiday season, whether small or big, monetary or not, any contribution will impact to help the homeless in your community.

Many communities have soup kitchens and churches host events where people can come together and volunteer to serve the less fortunate good food and make them feel cared for. This is a great opportunity to not only bond with the people in your community that might have been doing this longer than you’ve been alive but also hear the compelling stories these individuals have to tell. Giving back to your community by volunteering to feed the homeless is a great way to start off the holiday season.

To find a local soup kitchen or Thanksgiving event, try asking nearby churches or use a search engine to search for food pantries and soup kitchens in your area. They are always looking for more volunteers.

The Salvation Army is a great organization when it comes to getting together with friends and family to raise funds for the least fortunate. You can go to their “Register to Ring” website and sign up for shifts to ring the bell outside a local grocery store to collect donations from people walking by. The shifts are as short as two hours and you can pick up as many as you would like. Fun fact: you can create a group to do it with and turn it into a family activity. 

If you can’t donate your time this holiday season, canned food drives are very convenient for people who don’t have the time to participate or don’t know where to get involved. Grocery stores, banks, libraries, even schools set up a simple cardboard box asking for non-perishable canned food items for people and children in need. Canned food can be bought at a reasonable price from any grocery store and can make a substantial difference to someone who can’t afford such an item

These small donations are a great way to give back to the people who need it most. Taking a moment to think about others and making a contribution, whether it is material or not, will make a big impact on someone and can change a life forever. Get involved!


By Zack Archer

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