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Spring Fashion 2020

Rebirth. Renewal. Awakening. The trees are blossoming and the flowers are pushing through the earth. Things are coming to life and spring is finally here! The vigorous winter breeze has left without looking back and the colors of nature start to flourish again.

And with that, a change in the air in regards to fashion gives us a new season to look forward to. Many people layer up during winter to warm up, but now that it spring is here, it’s time for more color, vibrancy, and uniqueness.  So here are the trends that will make some noise during the next couple of months.


Floral Prints

You cannot go wrong with the classic florals. If you want to match with the season, florals are a perfect go-to. This print is fun, elegant, timeless and it can be used for any occasion.


Pastels are the dream of many. These soft and sweet looking hues can be incorporated with almost any other color, to give you a gradient kind of #ootd.



If you want to stand out, neons are here for you. Fluorescent shades like pink, yellow, and purple are popping for spring and summer.

Puffy sleeves

Puffy sleeves, allow everyone who wears them to feel like a princess. There are many ways to wear the romantic puffy sleeve, from lady-like dresses to dramatic retro-inspired tops. These sleeves will your #ootd life and will make you standout.


Prints are always super fun and the classic polka-dot print is always thought of when it comes to any season, but this spring/summer fashion trend is making waves this 2020. Although they have always been considered a staple, they had taken a backseat. But last July, the polka-dot print was brought back.


Wearing crop-tops, or cropped shirts, with anything, is an instantly good outfit. Crop-tops are easy to wear, cute, and comfortable, especially on those really hot days during the summer. Any print will work in a crop-top, animal print, plaid, floral, stripes, you name it.

The white dress

A white dress is a must-have! Feminine, charming, and alluring, you can never go wrong with a gorgeous white dress for Spring.

For bottoms, skirts are versatile and easy to wear. They can be worn with almost everything and they are nice and fresh. Skirts are that garment that you can easily dress up or down in one day, just by changing your top and shoes. Shorts are a huge trend for Spring 2020. They are uncomplicated and comfortable and come in many different styles and variations.


Now that winter is over, there is a wide selection of shoes to choose from. Spring sandals of 2020 are not only extremely wearable but they are also really trendy.

The fun seasons have arrived and there are many styles and fashion trends to choose from, including gorgeous dresses and easy, comfortable shorts. So pick the one that you identify the most with and make sure to put together fun outfits for the season!




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