Earth Day 2020: How to celebrate During Quarantine


Today is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, and this year’s celebration will be one to remember for years to come as the world is battling an unprecedented pandemic caused by the COVID-19 disease during the festivity.

Although all gatherings and in-person events have been canceled, due to the nationwide lockdown implemented to mitigate the virus, there are still many things we can do to celebrate our planet earth. So how does Earth Day 2020 look like, and how can it be celebrated if technically we can’t go outside and all parks are closed? How do we interact with Mother Nature? These are all fair questions to be asked.

Well, just like any other celebration during this time, it had to be moved online. Yes, virtual protests are a thing now. Not too shabby, seeing as virtual gatherings have become our new “normal” these days. Virtual birthdays, meetings, classes, dates, etc. is what we have been indulging in during this quarantine. 

The Earth Day Network will be having many programs on the website  you can tune into. For instance, Earth Day Live will take place for 24 hours and there you will be able to see celebrities, activists, and politicians giving speeches about the importance of climate change, as well as, musical performances.

Animation and poetry 

Earth Day Art Model 2020

Nat Geo Earth Day Neighborhoods Safari

Jupiter Artland in Mindcfrats

These are some of the online activities you and your family can do to honor the earth. To see the schedule and more activities click here  

You can also download the app  EarthDayChallenge2020 

Now, if you feel like interacting with the earth and you have a backyard, you may want to do some grounding to connect and exchange some energy with it. Donating to an environmental organization is also something you can do from home. 

Since we have to stay at home you can get creative with your family, disconnect the electricity for an hour or two and do an activity earth-related with your family. This not only will give out planet a break, but it will create awareness of environmental issues.


Happy Earth Day!!!




By Cynthia Paola Bautista

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