Best Summer Activities To Do On A Budget

Summer is here! It’s finally time to take a break from schoolwork and begin to focus on life’s pleasures. Summer is known as the hottest season; therefore, it is the perfect time to take a dip in the pool, drink a nice cold beverage, and forget about all your troubles.

It may be difficult to brainstorm different ways to make your summer experience eventful – especially with the country’s current situation- but there are always ways to make the best of it. Here are four ways to start your summer break on the right foot.


  • Explore new hobbies


Now would be an excellent time to dust off a hobby you may have pushed aside or explore new ones. It is important to invest time in something that brings you happiness. In addition, if you find yourself in the same routine and would like to include a new hobby, you can learn a new instrument or engage in creative writing. Creative writing allows you to express your emotions and activates your imagination through the pages of a notebook.

 Learning a new instrument allows you to express your creativity through music and it brings many benefits.  According to Michael Matthews, written for, “Learning a new instrument increases your memory capacity and promotes your social skills.”


  • Spend the day at a pool


Summer is the perfect time for pool dates and frozen drinks. If you don’t have a pool, call up a friend or family member that has one and ask them for a pool date. You can play a classic game of Macro Polo, create a new world underwater, maybe a water balloon fight. You can team up and battle against one another to determine the strongest group while still staying cool in a hot environment. Even if you don’t plan on going into the pool you can still have a fun time at the pool.


  • Take a simple walk


If you are bored at home and don’t have anywhere to go, the best way to leave your home is to simply take a walk. Taking a walk through a visitor’s trail or even around your neighborhood is the best way to become more in touch with your surroundings. The Physio Med health website states that obtaining physical activity in natural scenery can reduce mental health problems by 50%. Therefore, instead of spending most of your days indoors, take a moment out of your day to take a walk and explore new things about the world around you.


  • State-cation

It can be hard to plan an out of the country summer vacation due to all the COVID-19 regulations, but you can totally plan a small road trip to another city or county within your state. Gather some friends, get a backpack and your car, and drive away!


Overall, this time of season offers the best opportunity for self-improvement and allows you to discover endless possibilities to have yourself a fun summer. The best way to enjoy it is to surround yourself with the ones you love and positive vibes.



By Marianna Chavez-Kelly

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