16-25 years old?

Looking for a creative outlet for your passions and opinions?

Interested in what’s happening with peers in your area?

If you answered YES, OUTLOUD is for you.

OUTLOUD is the name attached to a portfolio of 21st century communication tools tailored to young adults in specific geographic markets. From print to Internet and video to audio, OUTLOUD interweaves these tools in a given market to give 16-25 year olds their own communication platform. Organized under the banner of Talkteens/OUTLOUD, all components are written, produced and marketed by young adults.

What started as a summer project and dream for an aspiring high school writer has evolved well past the initial OUTLOUD concept of a newsgazine. This young writer did not realize at the time that she would be creating an incubator with OUTLOUD for others seeking an outlet to spotlight and nurture their talents. OUTLOUD, through all of its mediums, is giving writers, artists, filmmakers, journalists, fashion designers, musicians and other entrepreneurial-spirited individuals the opportunity to learn, exhibit and shine.

South Florida was chosen as the prototype market to launch the OUTLOUD products. The formats are proven and ready for adaptation by high school and college students in major markets throughout the United States. It is anticipated that regional markets will share material, ultimately offering aspiring talent a larger stage and bigger audience.

OUTLOUD, the newsgazine, is a newspaper with the creative spin of a magazine. It has enough fact to be legitimate journalism and enough literary conviction to give it creative guts. Officially launched three years ago in South Florida, the free monthly publication is written, edited, managed and distributed by young adults to reflect their concerns, opinions and creative talents. From serious issues to light-hearted literary pieces, OUTLOUD offers young adults an informative source for news and entertainment as well as a medium for their creative talents.

www.OUTLOUD.com is the online companion communication vehicle for OUTLOUD, the newsgazine, and a feeder of information to the other OUTLOUD media outlets. It provides immediacy and is designed to be interactive, offering a forum for young adults to discuss topical issues and share opinions on an international level. Features of the website include a message board, a downloadable music library, regional sections, reviews, articles and anything else that young adult minds can dream up. Future plans include “live streaming” to spotlight emerging bands and segments from OUTLOUD TV.

Video….Televison….OUTLOUD TV
OUTLOUD’s television arm is designed to promote emerging talents in news, music and art. Hosted by aspiring broadcasters, monthly shows spotlight musical, artistic and film making talent through interviews and clips. Roundtable discussions with invited guests offer the opportunity to air opinions. The feature, Street Talk, integrates the discussion topic with opinions of young adults on the street. Again, while regional in scope, a national segment is envisioned that would showcase the best of the best in music, art, film making and topical reporting.

Audio….Radio….OUTLOUD Air Waves
OUTLOUD Radio is almost ready for launch, traditionally and by net. Broadcasting alternative music and offering a platform for emerging music, OUTLOUD’s regional radio stations will give audiences the flavor and texture of local sounds. Hosted by “out-there” broadcasters, the format includes live interviews with bands and audience call in, thus providing feedback and nurturing fan support. Future plans include OUTLOUD developed and sponsored concerts.