PUBLISHER / PRODUCERJudith DeCamara LeftonA seasoned businesswoman and owner of the insurance brokerage firm, Insurance Quote International, Lefton is now following her entrepreneurial heart in developing OUTLOUD, a young adult produced media organization. SUPERVISING EDITORKatrina DanielDaniel is an award-winning broadcast and print journalist with a passion for crusades. She crusades, in this case, for the success of OUTLOUD as a breeding ground for future journalists and artists. She has more than 25 years in broadcast and print journalism for local outlets such as NBC’s Miami affiliate and the nationally syndicated show Inside Edition.


Mike Hernandez is a music editor and radio producer for OUTLOUD Multimedia. Mike’s been covering music for over 5 years in print with OUTLOUD. He is also a radio DJ for Radiate FM – FIU Student Radio. His nerdy vices include video games, action figures, chewable candies. To contact Mike, email him at or tweet @evilongoria.
Juniette Fiore is marketing coordinator, producer and editor for OUTLOUD Multimedia. Her interests include yoga, film, tea, and writing. Contact her at
Anthony Cave is a freelance journalist based in North Miami Beach. He has freelanced for The Miami Herald, and New Times Broward-Palm Beach – among other outlets. His musical tastes ranges from Celine Dion to Daughtry –seriously. He enjoys reporting on all aspects of a concert, using one hand to take pictures while simultaneously writing down the name of a song or important story element with the other. A rising sophomore at Florida International University, Cave hopes to work forThe New York Times soon. He attended The New York Times Student Journalism Institute in New Orleans in May and hopes to land a high-profile internship for the winter and/or fall. Cave can be reached via emailor on Twitter @Anthony_Cave.