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We will be premiering Damien Nash’s “Let Me Try” on OUTLOUD Radio 8PM 8/28/12

Some musicians and bands explode into the public consciousness with a flare of excellence but just as quickly disappear. Irish self-taught singer/songwriter Damien Nash hopes to make the same impact but has more long-term ambitions. Hailing from the north-east of Ireland, Damien has been learning and writing music for the over ten years. Through dedication, hard-work and no little talent he has patiently developed his unique identifying sound and when he performs he exudes a confidence in his ability that leaves listeners asking “where did HE come from?”

Damien has only been gigging the past two years and anything he may lack in experience in the gig arena he more than makes up for with his potency. His passionate, provocative voice have drawn comparisons to a range of artists from a young David Bowie or Neil Diamond to Radiohead and Bernard Fanning. Damien’s voice is definitely the focal point of his music, it is front and centre. However, listening to how it accompanies the prevailing energy, edgy chords, moody melodies and some inimitable rhythms the listener is left in no doubt that Damien Nash sounds like no one as much as himself.

Like the aforementioned artists, Damien’s design is to make records that sound better with every listening and have a likeability that is timeless. Damien’s music is of-the-moment but does not follow any passing fads, fashions or trends. From the seductive, enticing lyrics of ‘Ms. Predictable You’ to the almost 50’s delicate, elegance of the melody in ‘Santa’s Lady’, it is clear that Damien is capable of creating the kind of sounds that can bring anybody on a journey regardless of their age or genre. He has slowly and carefully been building toward his first demo CD recording, releasing in May 2012; ‘Perched’ with one simple goal in mind – to create music that paints a picture that people can connect with. He has a burning desire for his music to reach new and wider audiences and since embarking on his gigging career Damien has trimmed the excess and honed his performing skills. His music is now the sound of all aspects coming together at the right moment, song and singer, singer and guitar, guitar and song, fused with passion into a single powerful entity.

And as his songs appear, people will be wondering: Where did THIS come from?

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